About us

Syuleyman Dzhambaz, the Manager of the company, is born in the largest tobacco-producing region in Bulgaria – Kardzhali town.
He is into the tobacco production since childhood. He leaves his native region for the first time in 1981 to extend his activity.

He cultivated Virginia Bright Leaf from 1984 to 1990in the region of Belene town on an area of 3000 decare. His first company SPAS ET was registered in 1993 and an own tobacco production is started.
The company has grown significantly in the coming years. It processes agricultural land in the land of Straldzha town, Zimnitsa village, Vodenichane village, Yambol region.

It cultivated the following agricultural crops:

  • Chickpea – variety "Askan";
  • Tobacco – Virginia variety;
  • Cereals – wheat;
  • Oilseed crops – sunflower.
  • Essential oil – Lavender, Melissa officinalis, White yarrow and Oil rose.

The company has modern machinery, automated dryers for tobacco built by SAPARD program, new warehouses, completely new farm and skilled workforce with the average of 100-120 persons.
The company is one of the largest employers in Yambol region. It is one of the preferred business partners in selling the products in Yambol region because of its aspiration of development in all aspects of activity.

Dzhambaz – AGRO OOD has the activity of production, processing and trading essential oils. The company has an own distillery and is one of the largest producers of lavender oil in Bulgaria.

Dzhambaz OOD has a license of purchasing, processing and trading tobacco and tobacco products.
The company has an activity in Housing construction and is a Member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.